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Why You Most Often Come Across Weak Men

Why You Most Often Come Across Weak Men
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if you notice that you most often come across weak men and you have to make most of the decisions yourself, then there may be 2 reasons for this.

The first reason is the male model of behavior.
Most likely, you have focused on your career, devoted a lot of time to your achievements and earnings. But in this race for a better life, your femininity and sexuality were drowned out and traumatized in yourself. That is, they chose a male model of behavior, considering that it would be easier for you to succeed in business – to break through, conquer, achieve.

Therefore, strong men do not feel that you need them – you are perfectly coping with the male role.

The second reason is distrust of men.
Perhaps you observed in childhood that your mother was unhappy in marriage, or at a conscious age burned in a relationship, a man hurt you or did not meet your expectations. As a result, you closed down and decided that it was better to control everything yourself and not rely too much on men.

Therefore, you attract men weaker than yourself like a magnet. Which will suit you quite well if you decide for yourself whether you need to buy a car now or it is better to take a mortgage, where and when to go on vacation. Why would a man strain himself when you’re doing a great job?

Both the first and the second option strongly drowns out the natural sexuality in a woman and blocks the female magnet for men, for normal decent men.

It is important for a strong man to feel that you really need his masculinity, care (on your subconscious level), because it is important for him to be a reliable support for his woman.

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