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How To Get Girlfriend Back When She Has A New Boyfriend

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You know the drill. If your ex-girlfriend is just that little hotter than average women, the odds are that she will have a new boyfriend within weeks of breaking up. Sometimes it can even be just a matter of days or hours. Yes you can bet that there were guys trying to seduce her even when she was your girlfriend. It’s just the way it is with hotter women. A huge line of men are waiting in line anticipating that you will screw up. And these men will pounce the moment there is even a slight sign of trouble in your relationship.

The first thing that you have to work on getting your girlfriend back is to identify what is the core reason she left you in the first place. Even if she was seduced by another man, it is probably triggered by the underlying problem that already exists. It could be that you are behaving like a loser, boring lifestyle with you, or you cannot even afford a proper meal with her. With the exception of gold-diggers, women seldom leave their boyfriends because of money shortage alone unless you are in a materialistic environment like Singapore where you can forget about dating hot women if you are not financially better off than the average man. If you identified that you have been behaving like a loser, you have to start getting conscious of it and rectify your behavior.

While it is always recommended that you move on from your past relationships. There are circumstances where you are just unable to do that. The first thing that you have to do after identifying the core reason for breakup, is to allow a cooling off period of between 2 to 4 months. Anything you do immediately after breaking up will seem desperate and that is not attractive at all to women. They need space. Give them that for a few months. A gap of 3 months will also provide a time lag where you can appear to be a completely changed man. The thing is that if you appear to change immediately, it looks fake and desperate. A time gap is needed to make your ex-girlfriend think that you made major changes for her within the last 3 months. When you contact her again after the cooling off period, you have to fire away your attraction arsenal.

You might think that it can be more complicated when she has a new boyfriend. I can tell you that you do not have to be threatened by that. Their relationships is still new and it is not a big problem to leave him. Relationships that will not work out tend to dismantle itself within 3 to 6 months anyway. During this period of time, any doubt of her feelings for the new guy can evaporate as the foundation is not strong enough. So this is a prime time to get into the picture again and take back what you think belongs to you.

While men often blame factors outside their control for their relationship failures, it is most often factors inside that first triggered your girlfriend to even contemplate leaving you. Yes I’m referring to inner game. Will it surprise you to learn that you in fact induced your girlfriend to leave you in the first place? So before going back in, you have to resolve you inner game first. Or you will most likely end up in the same place again.

To summarize, to get your girlfriend back, you have to first give it a cooling off period. During which you will have to rectify your flaws and learn about attraction techniques to attract her again. This is also the time where you train yourself to be a man with strong inner game. When you finally call her again, eliminate any of the core reasons she left you in the first place. If she has a new boyfriend, ignore it.

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