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Actions that Reduce Significance. Get Rid of them and Become the Most Valuable and Beloved

Actions that Reduce Significance. Get Rid of them and Become the Most Valuable and Beloved
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The fact is that most of the cool attractive women can’t build a long happy relationship
because of their wrong actions.

Women want to be with a man so much that they climb the wall just to please him. They make a million rash steps, and then they sit and do not understand why he is not with them, why he went to the ugly one from another department.

And here it’s all about actions that lower your importance , which distance you from a happy relationship
with the man you need.

Why do women commit them?

Afraid to be left alone
They want to please a man in everything
They want to be the best for a man
They don’t know how to behave properly in a relationship,

There are many reasons, but they all lead to relationship breakdowns.

Women don’t even understand what exactly they are doing wrong. Therefore, now we will analyze a few important points.

Sex accessibility for other men

It lowers your value and lowers your ethical level. Your man should not know the details of your personal life, which was before him. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone can change. And you could have had any life before meeting your right man. But it is important for a man to know that his woman is special, the only one, and only for him.

“A dog on a leash.”

Unacceptable behavior that you turn a blind eye to. A man appears and disappears, allows himself behavior that you don’t like, but at the same time you skip and accept it. Your importance decreases, because everything is possible with you, you will forgive and accept everything, a man can behave as he wants. Men like those women who know their worth, who will not allow a boorish relationship to themselves, who will set boundaries themselves, and put it in the framework themselves.

Running after a man
When a man does not show enough interest in you, and you still call him, write, come to him as a surprise. You are needy, you are not valuable. There is no need to run after men at all, especially begging to stay, talk and so on. A man will never come back, if you run after him, he will understand that you cannot do without him, that he is in charge, he decides your fate. No no and not

Sex cannot be a tool for the emergence of strong love.
Girls, you do not need to try to attract and fall in love with a man through sex. No matter how skillful you are, it is completely wrong to believe that after sex on the first date, he will be stunned and run after the ring. Rather, it will alert him. Men don’t marry women because their knowledge in bed is great. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep or lure a man with sex, it will only accelerate the extinction of his interest in you.

Clarification of relations.
When you try to prove to a man that he should take responsibility, he should earn, then you are again in a position of need. You want to explain something to him, to prove, to reason, that is, you depend on him, that is, you need his understanding. And this again leads to low significance. When you are valuable, he will understand you at a glance and read your thoughts, and if he does not care about you, then scandals will not help, but will further reduce your value.

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