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What is he capable of for you?

What is he capable of for you?
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Usually, women are ready for a lot for the sake of a beloved man in a relationship. If a woman is in love, then she will put everything on the back burner – work, girlfriends, cook a chic dinner, buy cool new underwear, do styling to be the most amazing, beautiful for him.

But the question is, what is he ready for the sake of the woman he loves? To come for you from another city or country, postpone meetings with friends, cancel, for example, a business meeting, spend time to find you exactly the gift that will surprise you. Is your man ready to quit everything just to see you?

Feats are not only to pull out of a burning house, kill 10 bison or jump with a parachute. It’s about daily actions, even the smallest ones, that your man goes to for you.

It is laid down by nature that men do some significant things when they feel the faith and admiration of their woman. And if a man is looked at with condemnation, with a claim or with the expectation of “Come on, surprise me!”, then the desire to somehow grow, develop does not appear. If your man has stopped trying for you, then perhaps he does not feel that you admire him. Do you remember the last time you admired your man?

I have had many women, beautiful, intelligent, talented, but for some reason I married only one. And one of the reasons is her sincere admiration for me. Women constantly demanded something from me, I just wanted to escape, not to perform feats for them. The first woman who didn’t demand anything from me is my wife. But at the same time, it causes a desire to get better every day. She admires me so gently in a feminine way, supports me, believes in me, that every day I have a desire to surprise her, to do something for her so that her wishes come true. This is what she broadcasts to me.

But when you’ve been in a relationship for many years, a lot of things get boring. Therefore, it is quite natural that if at the beginning you admired your man, but over time everything calmed down and life got stuck. And instead of two lovers, two extinct people remain next to each other, doing something on the machine. And if you leave everything as it is, then either the relationship will fall apart completely, or you will simply turn into flatmates 🙅

But a woman can change that – reset the relationship. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been together. For example, admiration is one of the small steps to rekindle love in your relationship.

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