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3 practices for a Strong Woman to Become More Feminine

3 practices for a Strong Woman to Become More Feminine
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3 practices for a strong woman to become more feminine

There’s nothing wrong with being strong. It’s bad when you’re strong and not feminine… Catch life hacks for every day and share your results in the comments.

No. 1-emotionality.
A woman is emotional. Do not confuse hysteria with 0. A feminine woman radiates warm positive emotions: calmness, tenderness, joy, pleasure, surprise.
And when a woman is strong, emotions of irritation, aggression, discontent, fatigue, tension often prevail in her. That’s because a strong woman struggles with space. And a woman does not fight, but gently influences the world.

Exercise: Try to be surprised as often as possible during the day. A strong woman is extremely rarely surprised, because she has already seen everything, knows everything and how can she be surprised?)) But femininity is always surprised, even if she already knows everything and therefore looks more lively, more open and sociable.

A strong woman has a cold look, sometimes empty, or she may have a look with expectation: “well, come on, surprise me!”. When she looks at a man, her gaze expresses skepticism, because she no longer expects anything good from a man, “he is weak and will have to drag everything on himself.” A feminine woman’s gaze radiates warmth, trust, tenderness, a desire to communicate, and therefore people are attracted to her, and men want to get to know her.

Exercise: Train a warm female gaze in front of the mirror, for example, every morning when you wash your face or do makeup.

A woman is a sensual woman. She feels good not only for herself, but also for other people. A strong woman usually does not have enough time for this, she is often in turmoil or tension. And over time, the disclosure of sensuality within yourself becomes more and more difficult.

Exercise: in the morning or evening, take a few minutes to yourself, close your eyes and just touch yourself, immersed in those emotions, feelings, thoughts that you are experiencing at this moment.

Share in the comments, which life hacks will you try today?

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