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Well, it doesn’t happen that everything goes smoothly… the relationship is based on trying to accept each other with all the disadvantages and advantages)

But where is the line between what you can accept and what you can put up with and what you should not agree to? In practice, this line is blurring, and we begin to put up with everything, simply because we are used to doing it.

Well, if he does not wash the dishes after himself-it is excusable, he does not give flowers – well, it is good… he remains at work-suspicious, but probably something important … he called me a sheep-well, he just wasn’t in the spirit, I’ll forgive him.…

And that could go a long way.

There are 3 things a woman should not tolerate in a relationship:

1 categorical aggression

He is “easily flammable”, has oriental roots, hard work or is a zodiac Aries — this is not an excuse. When you attack a woman you love, you hurt her, she cries later. What kind of person are you if you can’t handle your emotions? Your wife is not a trash can where you can vent your negativity!

2 absolute indifference

When your pleas fly by his ears; when you’re all worried and he’s relaxed; when he just disappears and then suddenly appears as if nothing had happened; when he can correspond with someone or flirt with you…

This is an indicator that he is not interested in your relationship, he does not stick to you, he is not afraid to lose. But you are not a toy, you are not a free application to his comfortable life, you are a woman and you need feelings, attention, care, protection!

3 = restrictions and manipulations

When he dictates to you who to be friends with, how to dress, what time to go home; when jealous for no reason, then arrange an emotional swing from the Blue, threaten, keep on a short leash, etc.N.

You are not a domestic cat! You are a person and you need freedom for personal development.

As a result: energy falls, self-esteem collapses, anxiety appears, and then “it is better to be alone, to live for myself.”

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