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car dream interpretation
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car dream interpretation
car dream interpretation

If you Dream That You travel By Car you dream portends enjoyable activities that will and with a change in life .

Car accident-if you dream that you are in a car accident do not expect anything good from the entertainment ,witch are going to take part.

If you dream that you managed to avoid catastrophe this is a good sign !You will be able to avoid conflict with your enemy!

Car Dragged me -if you dream car that dragged you this is a notice of loss in your work and misfortunes that will follow immediately afterwards.

Many carsCars seen in sleep predicts that you tackle a project that will bring many worries but in the end will benefit!

Old CarOld car is a sign that enemies will prevent you decide your destiny.

Damaged Car .Do you dream that you damaged your car ?You risk loosing a friend in real life .

Fire Truckfire trucks notice of anxieties and emotions associated with extraordinary event.

If a woman dreams that travels with fire truck it must be careful not to be dragged into unpleasant situation.

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