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Dating A Jokester

dating a jockster
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One of the qualities that many women look for in a potential romantic partner is the ability to laugh. It’s a great thing when someone can laugh at themselves and make some truly funny jokes to ensure that anyone around them will also be laughing. However, there can be a problem if a guy is so into being funny that it’s like he never experiences a serious moment.

dating a jockster
dating a jockster

He can be hot, sexy and everything else that you would ever want in a guy, but if all he does is crack jokes, how can you be certain of how he really feels about you?
First of all, decide if he really does have all of the qualities that you require in the ideal man for you. If he’s easy on the eyes, that’s certainly a factor that counts near the top of the list. How does he treat you? Does he take you to nice places on dates? Does he remember important days such as your birthday? Is he someone you can depend upon if you need comfort? All of those things also matter.
Now, let’s look at that joking thing. Does he make jokes at inappropriate times? Can you have sex without him cracking jokes the whole time? That can actually be very annoying, not to mention a real mood killer. What about when he starts laughing at other times that are meant to be romantic? That’s probably going to get on your nerves pretty quickly. You can’t forget those physical types of jokes, either. These fall into the area of sneaking up on you when you’re in the shower and playing Norman Bates while you scream and flail around. Maybe he tends to poke you in the backside every time you bend over for some reason. That’s not any fun when you get to the point that you’re afraid to shower or bend over to pick something up.
If you’re still convinced that he’s the one for you in spite of these ongoing comedy routines, it’s time to sit him down and have a very open and honest conversation about how all of his jokes are affecting your relationship. Tell him that, while you do appreciate his sense of humor, you also need to have those times when things are NOT funny, such as romance and sex. He needs to understand how it makes you feel when you’re engaging in a very intensely personal moment and he feels the need to crack a joke.
It’s very possible that you can make him see your point of view and find a way to be more humor appropriate. If he still seems to have trouble with his timing, it may be that you need to look into why he feels the need to be so funny all the time. There could be some insecurity that he’s trying to hide behind the laughter and the jokes. Lots of talking may be needed to get to the bottom of it and he may even get some benefit from speaking to a professional.
All isn’t lost just because he likes to make jokes all the time. A little patience may be all it takes.

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