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What the hell is a man then?!

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Relationships are always an exchange – you to me, I to you. And if this exchange is not equivalent, then problems begin in the relationship. In order for the relationship to develop harmoniously, it is important that both a man and a woman invest in the relationship. Everyone should invest, but in different ways. Both a man and a woman create their product in a relationship.

A woman creates an atmosphere, comfort, gives her love, affection, warmth, she gently motivates a man to grow and develop, inspires, supports. 🤵 ‍ ♂ ️And a man provides a life together in a global sense. It is important for a woman to feel protected and confident in a man.

If a woman is calm and she does not need to constantly think about how to feed her children, how to pay, for example, for a mortgage, and she knows that her man will solve these issues, then she will not be in male energies, but in female ones. And I ask you to pay attention that this is not about the fact that a woman should not earn and not be realized in a career.

But a woman in a relationship with a man should not take on the lion’s share of family worries. The question is, what the hell is a man then, if a woman can do everything herself? For what? To just be?

By the way, an easy way to check how comfortable you are in a relationship with a man is your anxiety level. If you often have thoughts in your head, “will we have money for the education of children?”, “will there be money for the next vacation?” and so on, then there is clearly a bias in your relationship and something needs to be changed.

P.S. But it is not always the man’s fault that he is not growing financially. A man is motivated to “pedal”, that is, to earn, it is a woman. And if a woman has low demands, she basically does not need much – she is satisfied once a year to relax somewhere in a budget hotel, live all her life in a modest rented apartment and dress in stock budget stores, then why should a man strain himself and increase his income?

And what disturbing thoughts about the future do you have?

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