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What type of “words” trigger sexual thoughts?

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You know why most dating advice geared towards men is dangerously WRONG?

Because it all focuses on the wrong objective.

Most advice is focused on getting a woman to “like” you.

So, most guys start talking to a girl and try really really hard to be nice, agreeable, show her that you have a lot in common with her, make her laugh, even try to impress her by mentioning a few of your accomplishments…

Unfortunately this strategy will almost always kill your chances with her.

First off, all of that “nice” behavior comes across as “needy”…

She gets the feeling that you NEED her to like you. And that’s a major turn off.

Also, when a woman senses you’re trying to impress her, her radar goes off, her defenses go up, and she starts looking for reasons to DISQUALIFY YOU.

(and you NEVER want to put a woman in the position of judging you)

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But there is something else..

Something even more important..

There is something missing…

Can you guess what it is?


Sexual Arousal.


If a woman doesn’t feel sexually turned on around you, she’s going to put YOU in the friend zone when you try to make a move.

On the other hand…

When she there is sexual tension, she feels aroused, and starts thinking dirty thoughts…


She doesn’t have to like you.

She doesn’t have to think “you’re a good guy”

She doesn’t even have to find you “good looking”.

Because her “primal desire” takes over and all it wants to do is QUENCH that horniness.

She wants to be kissed.

She wants to be on a bed, slipping her panties around her ankles.

She wants have that feeling of “something just came over me… I don’t normally act that way”

So how do you do it?

1. You stop worrying about impressing her, finding things in common with her, or convincing her you’re “nice” and “agreeable.”

2. You slip under her radar by using a variety of  “words” designed to “trigger” sexual arousal without her realizing you’re trying to sleep with her.


Yes, there are certain words that are proven to infiltrate a girl’s mind and slowly guide her attention towards sexual thoughts.

And once those thoughts start.

There is no stopping them.

Remember, women are different than men.

For men, visual elements get us thinking about sex.

– a glimpse of a girl’s panties

– a hard nipple poking through a woman’s shirt

– shorts that ride up a woman’s inner thigh

These type of images can immediately send our brain into sexual overdrive.

For women’s it words.

There are a hundred million women out there that masturbate to erotic novels.

These novels have no pictures.

Just words.

What type of words trigger sexual thoughts?

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