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Relationship Compatibility Test

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Try our fun relationship compatibility test for love-impaired couples. (Also an excellent communication tool for married couples). And don’t miss the great bonuses included in this offer: Bonus #1: Sexual Compatibility Test (pretty revealing stuff!)

Bonus #3: Telltale Signs of a Cheating Mate (surefire tips to get at the truth)

I loved him! But did I really know him? I had been dating my soul mate, Steve, for over two years, and it never ceased to surprise and amaze me every time I learned something new about him. Human beings sure are deep and mysterious creatures, aren’t they? I’ve come to realize that you can never know another person 100%, no matter how close you are.

Yes, I felt comfortable with him, but there was a lot more about him I wanted to know. And honestly, I had some nagging doubts. But Steve is just not the type of man to sit down and bare his soul in a heart-to-heart discussion with a woman. I think he’d rather have a root canal than have a “serious talk” with me. And I suspect most men are the same way. Not a fault really, just a fact. Right, girls?

And so was born the seed of an idea for a “relationship compatibility test”. I would present Steve with a written list of questions! But how to do that in a fun and painless manner? How to “draw him out” without turning him off?

You’ve seen the TV ads for e-harmony, haven’t you? You know, you answer a big questionnaire and they match you up with a potential dating partner, based on “29 dimensions”. Bingo! Compatibility assured! Well, I took the e-harmony questionnaire, just to see if I could use it on Steve to “dig a little deeper…read more

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