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Reignite The Fire – What husbants cant resist?

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What I’ve found in my 17 years as a therapist and relationship counselor is that most wives struggle in their relationships with their husbands — even when their husbands think everything’s “fine” with their marriage.  How about you?  Which of the following do you find yourself wondering about?


Check all that apply.  ↓ ↓ ↓

Does he still love me?
Why isn’t he as attentive to me as he used to be?
Am I less desirable to him than before?
Is he seeing another woman?
Why can’t I get him to open up about his feelings and get him to “just talk” to me?
Why isn’t he as thoughtful and romantic as I’d like him to be?
How can I rekindle the passion in our marriage?
Why does he seem indifferent and uncaring when I tell him about my problems?
Why doesn’t he want to listen when I share my feelings with him?
Will our marriage last?
If you’re like most wives, you’re probably tired of trying to turn your spouse into a better husband …..
…..tired of trying to fix the problems in your marriage …
….. tired of reading self-help books
….. tired of listening to advice from countless friends
….. and tired of maybe even seeking the help of therapists
and getting little or no results.

The fact that you’re tired tells me you’re ready for your marriage to improve — and your being tired is also essential in order for you to seize your power to change your marriage into the wonderful, fulfilling one you’ve always envisioned. read more


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