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Jealousy ~ How To Overcome Jealousy and Stop being Jealous

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You’re here because either you or your partner is jealous and this jealousy is painful enough in your relationship and life that you’re finally ready to do something about it. We’re relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins and you may not know us yet, but we’re experts on helping people like you overcome jealousy before it ruins your relationship and life. We created this website because we want to help you get rid of the jealousy that’s causing so much pain, misery and uncertainty between you and the most important person in your life. In order to best help you do that, we’d like to ask you a few questions about jealousy and your relationship. This will only take a moment and don’t worry… These questions and your answers are for your eyes ONLY as a tool for discovering just how BIG the jealousy problem is for you in your relationship and what your next steps are for overcoming it. So, take a deep breath, relax and answer the following questions as openly and honestly as you can…

Have you ever checked up on your partner by looking through their cell phone, computer, email, purse, briefcase etc. to see who they may be communicating with that you don’t know about?


Have you ever accused your partner of dressing too provocatively or too nice for the occasion?

Have you ever accused your partner of “flirting” or being too friendly with someone else?

Has your partner ever suggested they might consider leaving the relationship because of your jealousy?

Do you ever call your partner when you’re feeling anxious just to make sure they’re not with someone else or doing something they shouldn’t be doing?

Do you ever feel that your partner is looking at and paying too much attention to other more


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