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Online Dating Explained – Meet and attract the hottest girls.

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It was November 2009 yet I remember it like it was yesterday.I was once again laying on my bed alone playing World of Warcraft on a Friday night, eating Pizza. I would literally cry myself to sleep some nights… I was pathetic and because of this Lucy, who sat one Desk in front of me at work, started to give me advice. Things like “Adam you should dye you hair brown“, “Adam you should stick up your hair” etc….

hottest girls
hottest girls

I didn’t know why at the time because she was usually a complete bitch to me but I was grateful and even changed my style based on all the little tips she had given me. Still, I was terrible with women… and then I read in the paper about a guy who had slept with hundreds of women in 2 years..

I was Jealous, and that is when I realised that my life was completely pathetic and Lucy had only been giving me advice and started to be friendly to me because she had realised that I was this shy, pathetic looser who had very few friends and had NEVER had sex or a girlfriend in his whole 23 years on this planet. That is when i started my Journey to change my life for the better.

I then went on to buy every single Online Dating product available at the time but still I was unhappy because still I was not getting results with women. At the time, I thought it was not working because I was ugly or all the women where fakes or ugly, but then I realised one important thing. All Online Dating Guides at the time where written by good looking guys for good looking guys and this resulted in me deleting my online… read more

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