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Healing from an Affair

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I quietly slipped out of bed and tiptoed downstairs and checked his cell phone. What I saw made my heart feel like it dropped to my toes. There they were in black and white…

Scores of texts and phone calls from a strange cell number. I stood there motionlessly for what seemed like an hour…

In a confused panic, I scrambled to collect my composure. “What’s going on?” I asked repeatedly…noticing the fear that had crept into my voice. But I received no answer.

Perhaps you have lived through a similar earth-shattering experience such as the one I described. Your seemingly tranquil, normal, happy life is suddenly tossed out the window like a piece of useless trash.


You are about to get RIPPED from your comfortable reality and transported to a new world. Not a physical location per se, but a “new world” of feeling worthless, seeing hurtful images and experiencing more pain than you can imagine.

There’s a decision you must make. A decision that virtually everyone who has experienced infidelity must make.

DECISION: You can either refuse to fight like crazy to save your marriage and your sanity and suffer aimlessly through the heart wrenching pain, and “hope” that things will work out okay …

…or you can dive headlong into fighting for your marriage, recovering, healing and eventually getting over this mess.

It’s like you can either take the blue pill and you wake up in your bed and never want to get out. You have no clue what to do or who to turn to.

Or… you take the red pill, you dig in and let us help to guide you through the most painful and challenging experience you will ever face!

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