Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Make Up, Don’t Break Up! Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit…

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Get your ex back, save your marriage, or repair your relationship NOW with Dr. Love's Relationship Rescue Kit. Renowned expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf (a.k.a. Dr. Love) guides you easily though her step-by-step proven method for resolving conflict and creating harmonious lasting love.
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Whatever your situation, my proven 5-step program will guide you to get your ex back and create the lasting love that you desire and deserve.

My new program can not only ease your pain by showing you how to get your ex back, but also entirely transform your life and all your relationships.

Let me tell you a bit about who I am as a person, my professional background and experience, and how Dr. Love’s Relationship Rescue Kit was born.

Unlike many other so-called relationship experts on the Internet these days, I’m a real doctor with thirty years experience studying relationship conflict as well as working in direct counseling with couples and individuals.

This book has been endorsed by #1 NY Times Bestselling authors John Gray, author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, John Bradshaw, the creator of Inner Child Healing and author of Homecoming, and Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, John Mack, M.D.

My work has also been featured in top magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Psychology Today, New Woman, American Woman, Men’s Health, and on such TV shows as CNN, Inside Edition, Later Today, Fox News, and others. You may have heard of me or have seen me on one of these shows.

In 1994 I started the Web’s first interactive relationship advice column, I’ve been answering relationship advice questions for free for over 15 years. It now boasts an easy to search database of thousands of original advice columns on any relationship topic or issue.

I discovered that relationship conflicts could be boiled down to a number of core principles that apply to anyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, or cultural background. I discovered what creates conflict, what fuels it, and what makes…

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