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Dating Someone No One Likes

Dating Someone No One Likes
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It happens more than you may realize. Women meet a guy that simply knocks their socks, or other articles of clothing, off and they fall head over heels. He seems to be able to do no wrong. He’s gorgeous, passionate, and very caring. Even when he meets the family, he says and does all the right things. Your friends even start out liking him especially when compared to the other guys you’ve been involved with.

Dating Someone No One Likes
Dating Someone No One Likes

Slowly, but surely, though, he starts to change a bit. He becomes obnoxious to your friends and even starts to push his boundaries with your family a little. His attitude is one of being a total smartass. It becomes all too clear why almost everyone he’s come in contact with can’t stand him. To them, he’s obnoxious, a know it all, and downright mean and argumentative. He does little to redeem himself in their eyes, either.
Your friends soon see this side of him as well and wonder why on earth you want to be with someone like that. The problem is that you’re still seeing the same side of him that you first saw when you met. He hasn’t changed in his actions toward you, and you’re falling more in love with him every day. However, your friends are starting to avoid you somewhat. They invite you to go out with them, but on the condition that he doesn’t come along, too. Then, they start to check ahead of time to see when you’ll be on your own so they can make plans to do something with you that has no chance of including him.
This is a difficult situation to be in, particularly when you’re used to being with your friends a lot and having several good friends. Suddenly, you find yourself more and more hanging out with only your boyfriend. While you still love him, you feel pretty sad that you seem to be having to make a choice between him and your friends.
There are some ways to approach this dilemma. The first one is, obviously, to sit him down and try to talk about it. Explain to him that while you do love him, you also love your friends and you consider it disrespectful to you for him to treat them in ways that drive them off. If he refuses to understand what you’re saying, then you have the choice of staying or going.
If you truly love this man for your own reasons, there may be a way to work out seeing your friends when he’s otherwise occupied. On the other hand, maybe you’re happy not having friends. This man may be all you need in your life to be happy and fulfilled. All of that is just something only you hold the answers to. But it’s important not to wait too long to decide or you’ll find that your friends have all moved on to friends and activities without you. It may not be possible to bring them back to you after too long. So you must also keep that in mind.

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