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The sad truth is that 99.9% of the men just don’t have a clue about how to satisfy a woman in bed (this is one of the reason why many women actually become lesbian). And that’s because we are not thought about the right things we should do when we have sex… and for the women… it’s frustrating. Can you imagine how they must be feeling not being able to enjoy the same kind of pleasure that we do?

My friend, in the next 3 minutes I’m gonna make you so angry you’ll lose your sleep for 3 days straight… But I honestly have to tell you about the reality of the love life and all the good or bad things that come with it…

unlock her legs

Many studies have already proven that 97% of the sexually active women don’t have orgasm and usually they fake it. Yeah… you might be thinking: “Mine doesn’t. I would know for sure!” As long as you tell yourself that, you cannot improve anything… and you do want to improve, don’t you?

Can you guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners or commit adultery? It’s very simple…

FACT! An intercourse with orgasm permits the woman to retain far more sperm cells. If she has orgasm she retains between 15-90% of the man’s sperm. If not – between 0-15%. You are reading this, aren’t you?

There are thousands of books on sex and sex experts out there – if not even tens of thousands… In fact, the number of books and experts seems to be bigger than the number of people who are actually practicing sex…

Most of the “experts” out there had 3-4-5 women in their entire life and just read a couple of books on the subject and then more

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