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Get out of Friend Zone

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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone  

The fact is, if you’re “just friends” with a girl it is nearly impossible to close the deal and get her back to your bedroom.

And if you’re reading this, it is likely that you’ve been imaging her naked, wanting to kiss her, and compulsively wondering if she feels the same way… and if there is any chance of making a move that doesn’t end in embarrassment or rejection.

The answer is yes.  It is possible.

So let’s get into it.

Most guys wound up as “just friends” with a girl because they don’t know how to flirt with a girl in a way that creates sexual tension.

One of the ways you let a woman know that you don’t want to ‘just be friends’ is by touching her and getting physical.  This is always one of the reasons that it is important that you kiss a girl as soon as possible. Express “sexual” attraction for her early on

This is the exact opposite of what most guys do. Most guys completely hide their sexual attraction for a girl.  And then after winding up in friend zone, they finally can’t take it anymore and wind up confessing their feelings for the girl.  And they do things like tell her how much they like her, or even worse, that they are in love with her.  This NEVER works.

Instead, right from the beginning make it crystal clear that you find her sexually attractive.

 Don’t be too “agreeable”

Here is a weird paradox… if you want to be friends with a girl… treat her like she’s one of your friends.  This means don’t hide your opinions, don’t try too hard to impress her, and don’t compromise your manhood to please her.

Many men wind up as “just friends” because they bring nothing to the table.  These men look at the girl as the source of entertainment and adventure.  And instead of being the leader and taking control of the situation… they instead “leach” off of her.

The real key to avoiding the friend zone is to create attraction right from the beginning.  If a woman is sexually attracted to you there is almost no chance she’ll want to be just friends.


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