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How Your Friends Can Help You Through A Breakup

How Your Friends Can Help You Through A Breakup
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Friends can be invaluable when it comes to helping you get through the breakup of a relationship.

How Your Friends Can Help You Through A Breakup
How Your Friends Can Help You Through A Breakup

Of course, you can count on them to listen as you pour out your heart to them about how you feel so empty now and how much pain you’re in because of the end of your relationship. That’s a given. However, there are other ways that your friends can help you move past your heartbreak and start to move ahead. You just have to get a little creative or at least be open minded enough to take them up on any offers they have. Some of these activities include:
Enjoy nature together: Get out with your friends and go biking, rock climbing or hiking. Take in your surroundings and appreciate them. There’s beauty in nature that you’ll never find in a relationship, and you’ll be able to start to feel at peace with yourself and your life. Just stay away from places that were special to you and your ex.
Exercise: Nothing is better for burning off bad energy and taking your mind off sad things like exercise. It’s also much more fun to exercise with a friend than alone. You stay more motivated; plus it gives you something to do to keep you from dwelling on your ex. In addition, you get to tone up your body and help yourself look more enticing to your future partner.
Go out dancing: This can really make you feel better. It falls closely in line with exercising but in many ways it’s a lot more fun. There’s music and people having fun together. Your friends can gather around you and get you dancing to activate those endorphins that will improve your mood. It’s also entirely possible that you’ll meet someone new while you’re out on the dance floor or having a drink afterwards.
Choose just one friend to confide in: Don’t say all of those hateful things about your ex to everyone you see. You really don’t want it all to get back to him because it will just make you sound like you’ve got sour grapes. Also, if you and your ex happen to get back together in the future, all of those people you badmouthed him to will remember what you said, and that could be awkward.
Plan a monthly singles only dinner party: Creating a menu and cooking it will make you feel better. There will be the excitement of cooking those wonderful dishes that you’re so good at. You can try new recipes and this can be even more fun. Nothing is more comforting than hanging out with your friends over a great meal. You can even start this on a rotating basis so that everyone in the group gets a chance to host. Break it up so that the host provides the entrée and others make soup, salad, appetizers or side dishes, and dessert. Make it even more fun and turn it into a formal event.
When you start thinking about it, you’ll probably find other ways that your friends can help you through this very difficult time. Just remember to LET your friends be there for you.

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