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“Date ’em Like You Hate ’em”

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“Date ’em Like You Hate ’em”
How to keep your balls and have a fulfilling love life
in today’s cutthroat dating world

And it reveals dozens of ways to have women (including a woman you’ve just met, a steady girlfriend or a wife who’s gone “cold” on you) irresistibly drawn to you and eager to please you… simply by tapping into their natural biological “attraction triggers” women can’t help succumbing to.

However, this eBook is extremely controversial.

And, it’s not for the weak minded or “politically correct.”

To help decide if it’s for you, here are some secrets inside:

  • How to manipulate a woman’s menstrual cycle to get her so attracted to you… she won’t be able to help but love you and fantasize about you. (This is admittedly a strange tactic, but it’s proven by science and works. See pages 32-33)
  • A secret biological “hack” you can play on your body to start sending off scents designed to turn women on in your presence. (Scientists have known about this for years, but for some reason it’s virtually unknown to 99% of men). Page 53
  • How to “ethically manipulate” a woman into being helplessly drawn to you. (If ALL you do is just this one, laughably simple thing, you will automatically stick out in a sea of dudes, and be more desirable to women. Best part: You can test this yourself right away with any woman you like or are dating. Frankly, they almost won’t be able to help but be more attracted to you if you do this. Turn immediately to page 24 for the details.
  • A “ninja” way to use the infamous friend zone (when a woman tells you she “just wants to be friends”) to make her MORE attracted to you! (Almost nobody understands how to do this, and those who do usually do it on accident.) Page 39
  • How to radiate confidence and value (2 things women LOVE and can’t help but be attracted to) even if you have zero self esteem now. (Just follow the quote on page 26 and you’ll look instantly confident even if you’re scared of your own shadow now.)
  • 2 MORE ways to turn the friend zone to your advantage. (You’ll look forward to being friend zoned — because it can help you get better and hotter women than you would normally.) Pages 51-52
  • How to “rig” your texts and phone calls to get women you want to date pining for you and chasing after you. (This is how even obnoxious loser guys get sexy women falling in love with them and chasing them to kingdom come — they simply use texts and phone calls as described on page 33.)
  • The ONLY 3 things you need to make women attracted to you. (And nope — they have nothing to do with looks, money or being a smooth talker. See page 9.)
  • “Chick Crack”: It can sometimes turn on women instantly — even if they normally aren’t attracted to you! (It’s expensive, but 100% legal, and works like gangbusters for getting women wanting you.) Page 12
  • An instant attraction-killing mistake men make when sitting next to a woman that is nearly guaranteed to completely turn her off. (If you do this when talking to women — STOP! It may work for dudes in romantic comedies and chick flicks, but in real life it makes you repulsive.) Page 21
  • A special “get out of trouble free card” that prompts women to forgive you for  mistakes you make — now or in the future. (Believe it or not, this works even if you lay around like a bum all day… If you were beat with the “ugly stick”… Or if you get caught cheating. The author does not recommend doing these things. But the point is, women will rationalize loving you no matter what you do if you understand this secret principle routinely used by history’s most devious cads and players.) Page 19
  • A curious “mystery phenomenon” that lets ugly, scummy, outright loser men effortlessly steal a typical handsome and successful nice guy’s girlfriend right out from under his nose.

Let’s take a quick “breather.”

This is extremely important to know.

(Especially in today’s hostile dating environment.)

After you read about this phenomenon on page 11, you will understand why that jackass who deals drugs and lives in his mom’s basement was able to steal the “good” church-going girl from under your nose… Why all the money you make didn’t mean jack squat to that chick who now pines for a broke musician who’s screwing 10 other women on the side, and only calls her when he needs money… And, why women routinely dump “nice” and “dependable” and “kind” guys for the manipulative “jerks”, “assholes” and “douche bags” they swear they hate.

But don’t worry.
One day she’ll be warm and loving… and the next:

She’s Shacked Up With Some Thug…
And Is As Cold And Indifferent
To You As If You Had Never Even Met Before!

It happens ALL the time….read more

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