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10 Ways To Make a Guy Crazy For You

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Be self obsessed
Guys love girls who know what THEY want; who can pay their credit card bills or have an auto insurance.

They love women who are into their looks and care for their friends. Be self obsessed, keep yourself before him and his needs, because loving ones elf is more important. If you can’t love and pamper yourself, no one ever will!

Miss Enigma
Don’t be an all out lady. Open up slowly. Keep things about you mysterious and enigmatic.
Take a few days to give him your number. Don’t add him so easily on your Facebook.

Let him think about what you are and let him miss you, before you open up to him!

Always be well dressed

Be pretty always and stay wow. Do this for yourself as opposed to others and you will attract every other guy. No men can resist a well dressed lady who knows her fashion and style

Don’t blah about your past relations

Nobody likes a person who is full of regrets. So don’t talk about your past relations and how they failed. Don’t complain about your ex boyfriends and how no one meets your expectation. That is just painting a very sorry picture for you in front of the guy!

Know that you are worth

a lot of love and craziness by a guy. Know that you are better than most people who try to put you down. Let him know that you know your worth and will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. You are confident and cool yet flexible and funny!


Value your time This is a very important tip.
Don’t spend hours talking to him as if you have nothing else better to do in the world.
Let him know that you value your time and have other priorities as well. Men like women who aren’t always “available”.
Brag a little It is safe to brag a little about how guys follow you or how you got promoted at your work place. If you keep mum about your achievements, you are not showing him your talents and plus points or what you are capable of. That’s just a bad idea!
 Ooze confidence Keep your confidence in check. Over confidence is a recipe for disaster but having enough confidence is important to attract a guy to you. Walk with your head held high. Wear high heels and speak clearly and in a concise fashion. Body language plays a major role in depicting your personality.
Don’t be easy Don’t be easy and an emotional fool. Don’t show that you are deeply in love with him, even if you are. Because it is a known fact that guys start taking girls for granted once they fall deeply in love with them and they have nothing else in their mind except the guy! Take your time with the guy and play hard to get, because guys love the chase.
Be comfortable in your skin Be yourself, even if you are shorter, fat or darker than other ladies. There are so many celebrities who have flaws but they are loved widely because they are cool and comfortable in their own skin. Don’t try to change yourself to please others. Be yourself and love what you are!


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