Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

Powerful book of empowerment for Widows – The Sisterhood of Widows

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Book from widows who reflect about life after the death of their husbands. Their husbands died from accidents, cancer, heart attacks, and even suicide.
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The Sisterhood of Widows is a powerful book of empowerment containing sixteen true stories from widows of all walks of life who reflect and comment about life after the death of their husbands. Their stories cover death from accidents, cancer, heart attacks, and even suicide.

All are told in a truthful and sometimes painful manner. Emotionally every widow handles loss differently and yet there is a common bond they share that makes them part of a sisterhood.

Each widow’s story provides guidance and insight into human nature and the journey of perseverance through grief.

This is a unique book for widows by widows. It doesn’t just cover a widow’s grief – it gives detailed support and strength for a widow’s health: physically, mentally and spiritually. It provides knowledge so that a widow can make informed decisions about her future.

As a widow I had to find my balance and my recovery was easier due to the support I received from the community.

They embraced my belief that all widows need the support of the outside world to get their balance back.  I thank all the people that support me as a widow and in turn make it possible for me to extend that support to other widows like me.

Mary Francis has mapped a journey that none of us wish to embark upon; widowhood. This book chronicles the experiences of sixteen women who have made that journey revealing the host of emotions and challenges they encountered along the way. If you’ve been widowed your journey will be unique, but I believe you will find comfort, strength and inspiration in the courage that is the common thread here. In the equally brave act of sharing their stories, these women have offered a gift to those who more

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